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July 11, 2015 by Lee1776
I just read in a Financial Time article that Hillary is going to roll out her economic programs that will help the struggling Middle Class in America.“As she prepares to outline her economic vision for the country in a high-profile address on Monday in New York, M...
February 2, 2010 by Lee1776
“If a scientist needs to cherry pick, adjust, do tricks with, or refuse to release non-concurring empirical raw data in order for their model to work for their hypothesis, then that is proof that their hypothesis has been falsified and should be rejected.If they refuse to do so, then they now have left the scientific method behind and are now practitioners of ideology.”- Quote from Lee1776Ever since Francis Bacon wrote the “Scientific Method” into the fictional story &ldq...
October 26, 2009 by Lee1776
What has been strange to me is how one of Obama’s Czars, that has not been confirmed by the Senate, has the legal authority to dictate official policy? The Pay Czar just got done announcing that he is setting the pay for some Corporate executives.  (Never mind the legality of the policy on its own merits dealing with contract laws). Then Obama later cames out and sound like “wow, that was a good idea” after the fact.  He has not said that he was the one enacting ...
April 4, 2009 by Lee1776
It has just been announced that Fannie and Freddie will be issueing $210 Mil this year in bonuses.

I am wondering if these employee will have their bonuses tax at 90% or families threatened?

Will any of those ACORN sponsored protesters in front of AIG this week, be outside Fannie and Freddie next week?

My guess, the answer to these questions would be "NO".  But I could be wrong.

Though it is interesting that BO has backed off on his criticism of Executive pay as of late.

March 18, 2009 by Lee1776


Lets see if I can get this Logo started.

Every time either BO or the Congress slips in a piece of Law into a Bill that has nothing to do with the Bill, I would like all Joe Users to place Ninja Law, attack logo to their post

This also covers items like the AIG bonus type items too.  This will be a way that we can let them know that we the people can see how they are trying to Railroad us.

Please reply if your willing to join the crusade.

March 16, 2009 by Lee1776

The Obama administration has announced a plan to save 540 million dollars by having a veteran’s private insurance reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs for any medical services provided at a VA hospital. What makes it worse is that this will include any medical treatment needed for in service injure! 

I can semi understand those injures received after departure from service or those not connected to an existing problem, but this is madness.  If a person i...
February 28, 2009 by Lee1776
Deep within the 787 billion dollar and 1037 page stimulus bill just signed on the 17th of Feb, there was something hidden.  I am even sure that those Congressional Aids that had a few short hours to read the Bill before their bosses had to vote on it did not even know the meaning of the statement that requires workers be paid wages in accordance with the Davis-Bacon Act. The Davis-Bacon act was just changed by executive order by Obama on the 6th of Feb to read:“A pre-hire collect...
January 21, 2007 by Lee1776
N.M. Governor Enters White House Race WWW Link

As I have seen one screaming Democrat after another join the race, I finally see a good one in Bill Richardson.

But the question is if the Screamer's of the Democratic base (and money bags Mr. Moveon.org Dean) are willing to listen someone that can think reasonably for a change. I would be glad to see him make it to the finals. The one good thing he has for him is that Nevada now holds their primaries third in the nation. I think he will g...
January 1, 2007 by Lee1776
1) Are you on active duty?

NOTE: Only active-duty responses were counted in remaining results.

Yes 100%
No 0%

2) Service branch:

Army 46%
Navy 21%
Air Force 23%
Marine Corps. 9%
Coast Guard 1%
No response 0%

3) How many times have you deployed to Iraq?

Once 32%
Twice ...
May 10, 2006 by Lee1776
We all know recently that the CIA Director Goss has recently stepped down from his post. Why?

As a child in the early 70s I loved to play the brave CIA agent. The man who walked in the shadows to gather information or the operative that would strike a quick blow for the free world. While at the time I thought the stories of James Bond to be nothing more then fiction; I would watch the Bond movies over and over. It would be mean years later that I learned that much of the earlier movies w...
January 14, 2006 by Lee1776
A former aid to Representative Jefferson (D) of LA pleaded guilt today on corruption charges. He will face up to twenty years in jail for demanding bribes for his Congressmen. Here are the links to two buried stories.


Where is the out rage and the screams? While Abrumoff gave out vacation golf trips, and legal campaign contributions, not one MSM has even placed this story near the front page. This was a strait up shake down for hard cash, but not a word.

Another shake do...
December 14, 2005 by Lee1776
If thousands of Iraqis protect in Iraq supporting the Shiite leaders decision to keep Politics and Religion separate, and no MSM reporter reports it, does that mean it did not happen?

Read and decide for your self. Also this tidbit had to be reported in the Tehran Times, for us to hear it.

Iraqi Shiites protest against Al Jazeera

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Thousands of Iraqis demonstrated against Al Jazeera on Wednesday after the Qatar-based television channel apparently broadcast commen...
November 8, 2005 by Lee1776
A former Marine named Jimmy Massey has been caught trying to pull a Kerry. The St. Louis Dispatch has nailed his hide to the wall with the article below. Link

This SOB has been touring America on left wing groups dime, wrote a book selling vigorously in France and getting paid by Universities to speak to their students. All of his accusations of atrocities committed in Iraq were proven false in this article. Now he is claiming that he did not witness any of the atrocities, and that they ...
November 8, 2005 by Lee1776
For the last 13 days French cities and now other European cities are suffering from riots.

The rioters are mostly from first, second or even third generation emigrants. A large portion of those first generation emigrants and parents of the naturalized second/third generations were illegal emigrants from North African and other Middle Eastern countries. They came for jobs and other economic opportunities, but they where not allowed to assimilate into the French culture. The French people d...
August 24, 2005 by Lee1776
Networks Making Headway In Middle East

U.S. sponsored broadcast networks set up to counter anti-U.S. propaganda in Arab media are apparently making substantial headway in the Middle East (search). A new survey by ACNielsen (search) in nine Middle East countries shows that each week, in those countries alone, 21.3 million people watch TV news network Al-Hurra. And 20.8 million tune in to Radio Sawa, which carries a combo of music and news.

What's more, the vast majority of those polled sai...